WHAT IF The Podcast

From the Host: This podcast is an opportunity to explore disruptive concepts in the Impact Sector. This is a deep dive into the minds of people whose work is truly transformational and whose hearts are committed to sharing their insights for the benefit of all of us, working in the trenches. I’m fascinated by this moment in which we find ourselves. Our world is changing at a dizzying pace, and businesses are scrambling to adapt and survive. Nonprofits must adapt, too. This is a chance to ask some of those difficult and complex questions, and maybe find our way closer to some answers. This is a space to dream and wonder, and ask: What if?

Marisa Desalles

Marisa DeSalles- Podcast Host

Episode 1: Niva Flor

In our first episode, we welcome Niva Flor, Chief Impact & Strategy Officer for the Sacramento Region Community Foundation. Marisa and Niva talk about how community foundations adapted during the pandemic to ensure that resources are available to the organizations having an impact on our local communities. They also discuss Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and their role in funding and how new legislation may reform their use, as well as the special place Big Day of Giving has in our region.

Episode 2: Niva Flor cont.

In this second part of a two-part series, Marisa De Salles continues the dialogue with Niva Flor of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation to dig a little deeper into a discussion about donors, Donor Advised Funds, and giving in your local community. The conversation even takes a twist into the Millenial giving outlook and the need for cryptocurrency acceptance.

Episode 3: Lynn Malzone Ierardi

Join host Marisa DeSalles as she sits down with Lynn Malzone Ierardi, J.D. for a conversation about the importance of storytelling for nonprofits while fundraising.

Lynn is the keynote speaker at the What If Conference and is the author of the book Storytelling: The Secret Sauce to Fundraising Success. She has been in the estate and gift planning field for more than 30 years and has served as Director of Gift Planning for the University of Pennsylvania since 2005. She has worked on multiple campaigns that have raised billions of dollars at Penn.

Join the conversation as they cover many topics including the ethics of privacy when sharing donors stories, the importance of listening more and talking less, and even have some fun with shared recipes.

Episode 4: Betsaida LeBron

Join Marisa DeSalles as she visits with comedian, improviser and team building strategist Betsaida LeBron. Betsaida will be conducting a virtual session at the What If Conference on the power of play and how it can reduce burnout for employees.

Marissa and Betsaida talk about the importance of nonprofits focusing not just on their mission, but on how they treat their employees who passionately carry out that mission. They talk about the importance of joy and humor in the workplace and how nonprofits should foster that experience with their employees even when the mission they serve is often very serious.

You can also join Betsaida for an interactive session on the power of play April 14 by registering for the What If Conference. To learn more about Betsaida Lebron visit her websites: (Be sure to check out her Folsom Ted Talk as well!) www.betsaidalebron.com | www.improveq.org