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February 4, 2020

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Join California nonprofits, world renown speakers, philanthropists, and passionate advocates for a full day of inspiration and discovery.  What IF is all about exploring what’s possible and being with people who care as much as you do. Impact Foundry, Northern California’s nonprofit resource center, is pleased to bring you our 4th annual What IF Conference. Learn more about Impact Foundry.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – 7:30am-5:30pm
The Marketplace vendors and morning refreshments are ready for you by 7:30am
Program begins at 8:30am Don’t be late or you’ll miss something good

McClellan Conference Center
5411 Luce Ave, McClellan Park, CA 95652

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What IF 2020 is all about Inclusion & Equity. We will acknowledge the impact of racism, discuss the social and economic realities that have left us with disinvested neighborhoods, elevate the voices of diverse leaders in our social sector, and prepare attendees for full community participation.

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Keynote Speaker:

Pamela Ross

Our keynote speaker is Pamela Ross, Vice President of Opportunity, Equity & Inclusion at Central Indiana Community Foundation. She is responsible for leading CICF’s organizational initiatives that support increased equity, inclusive economic growth and racial awareness in Central Indiana.

Pamela has her MSW from the University of Georgia with concentrations in community development and program evaluation. She has over 25 years of professional experience in the social services field, managing multiple programs dedicated to improving the plight of children and families. Pamela serves on the board for Kennedy King Memorial Initiative and is active in various efforts focused on disparities in multiple sectors. She is a 2019 Tobias Fellow and vice chair for Indiana Blacks in Philanthropy, an affiliate of Indiana Philanthropy Alliance. She is a well-known presenter and collaborator on efforts delving into issues of race, equity and inclusiveness.

A native of Indianapolis, Pamela has lived in Phoenix, Atlanta, Houston and Iowa. She has also traveled to multiple countries in Africa, including an internship in Tunisia for the African Development Bank. Pamela has a great passion for making a difference in the lives of people often left behind. Above many things, she values her family and living a purposeful life.

“Today’s climate requires bold and courageous leaders. Leaders that not only care and have compassion but are also willing to lose some things in the fight of justice for all. We can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines becoming more intellectual about the issues or be proud because we are the greatest cheerleaders. We all have to fight to ensure everyone has an opportunity to achieve their greatest dreams.”

Pamela Ross


Social Innovation: Mini City

Mini City is a social enterprise; a cost-saving resource hub that alleviates homelessness in the city of Atlanta. Mini City has secured 500 Near Field Communication enabled wristbands. Like Fit Bit, this is wearable technology and is an exclusive membership for homeless residents that unlocks a world of services at no charge to them. Mini City’s mission is to eradicate homelessness not just in metro Atlanta, but across our nation. CEO India Hayes and team members will share their inspiration and how meeting up at a Hackathon led to the development of Mini City.

Learn More About Mini CityLearn More About Mini City

Our discussion on solutions for homelessness will be moderated by Erin Johansen, executive director of Hope Cooperative (formerly TLCS, Inc.). Erin leads a team of over 120 mental health professionals who work with Sacramento County residents struggling with serious mental illness, many who are also experiencing chronic homelessness. Hope Cooperative’s team helps their clients on their journey to successful community living with services including crisis intervention, case management, and supportive housing.


India Hayes

CEO & Co-Founder

Unique Collaborations 

FIPO (Financial Institution Partners Opportunity): Chase, Citi, US Bank, and Wells Fargo first collaborated in joint funding and modeled what is now FIPO. Today, more than 10 banks have participated to support collective impact in our nonprofit sector. The 2018 winner of $137,500 is Alchemist Community Development Corporation’s Alchemist Kitchen, a food business incubator. This project will provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for low-income entrepreneurs, a pipeline for local products from small to mid-size farmers and help improve the health of residents in the Sacramento Promise Zone. Hear from bank representatives why it makes good sense for competitors to join together to fund large projects and collectively serve their corporate foundation priorities.

  • Vera Moore, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Office of Nonprofit Engagement for JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Mary Hogarty, VP & Community Development Manager at Citi
  • Pamela Maxwell, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development Manager for Northern CA and Utah, US Bank
  • Pedar Bruce, Assistant Vice President, Community Relations Consultant, Wells Fargo

SCPG (Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group): Family law attorneys, mental health practitioners and financial professionals work together in a collaborative divorce resolution process. Members of the SCPG also offer Divorce Options educational workshops throughout the Sacramento region. Meet these leaders working to support families going through divorce:

  • Kristine Cummings is an attorney certified by the CA State Bar as a Family Law Specialist
  • Russel Phelps, Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Linda Tell, RN, MFT, is a Divorce Coach and Child Specialist with the SCPG

Arts Education Consortium: The Sacramento City Mayor’s office, all 13 Sacramento County School District superintendents, Metro Arts, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, and the Friends of the Arts are collaborating to ensure meaningful arts education in all Sacramento public schools. This public/private partnership has raised over $1 million since its launch in May 2018. Hear from Dennis Mangers, representing Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s office and Dr. Steve Winlock, Executive Director of the Sacramento County Office of Education, School of Education, as they discuss what this collaboration makes possible for the youth in our region.


Corporate Perspective: David E. Ritchie, Jr., CEO & President of American River Bank and ARB Foundation will share his innovative funding strategy launched with ARBF’s ‘18 Grant Cycle. Ritchie will share what it takes to be part of the Capacity Building (CB) movement with insights on how to inspire your funders to join in. He will share how innovative funders see this as critical to future success both in philanthropy as well as our overall economic prosperity.

Government Agency Perspective: Working with the Storywalkers Consulting Goup and Impact Foundry, Sacramento First 5 offered a version of Impact Foundry’s Certified Sustainable to more than 20 of its funded partners. Hear why Sacramento First 5 Executive Director Julie Gallelo and her team are committed to ensuring their partners’ capacity to serve the age 0-5 children in our community.

Community Foundation Perspective: Following on the success of Big Day of Giving, the Sacramento Region Community Foundation embarked on a yearlong investigation of SRCF’s role in capacity building on a broader scale. Priscilla Enriquez, Chief Impact & Strategy Officer and Lovelle Harris, Director of Nonprofit Ventures will discuss what they learned and how the Foundation will invest, partner and catalyze capacity building in our region.

Nonprofit Sector Perspectives:

  • The Youth & Family Collective is a regional platform that streamlines administrative functions and fund development to deliver greater value per donated dollar. The Youth & Family Collective integrates organizations that are already advancing complementary goals, aligning programs and efforts to uproot long-entrenched causes of trauma in our communities. More than 25 organizations, nonprofit and for profit, have joined the Collective and are part of a collective impact model.
  • Impact Foundry has launched Certified Sustainable, a capacity building program that engages all levels of an organization. The program includes a year-long series of classes, workshops, peer learning groups, and individual technical assistance to help nonprofits draft their own sustainability plans. The program supports adaptive leadership within the realms of revenue structure, operational framework, partner engagement, the nonprofit brand, measuring impact and accountability, culture and change management.

Our collaboration and capacity building discussions will be moderated by Scott Moak. In addition to the cool stuff he does by day: VP of Community Investment for Sacramento Republic FC, TV Host of Studio40 Live on Fox 40, and being the Public Address Announcer for the Sacramento Kings, Scott is a member of the First 5 Sacramento Commission. Scott is a veteran of social services and trained marriage and family therapist. For an entertaining description of Scott, check out his bio in our program guide.

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“What Do You Mean It’s Taxable? We’re Tax Exempt!”

What You Need to Know Before You Plan Your Next Revenue Generating Activity

Just because your organization has tax-exempt status does not guarantee your business activities will be exempt from all taxes. Depending on the type of revenue generating activities you choose, your organization may be subject to tax. This session outlines what nonprofit leaders need to know about Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). Learn the difference between sponsorship and taxable advertising. Discover smart ways to structure activities to avoid UBIT. Hear the latest rules regarding computing UBIT under Tax Reform legislation.

Scott Galbreath leads the Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation Practice Team at Murphy Austin Attorneys and is an expert on nonprofits.

Golf: The Contact Sport for Business & for Life

Looking to build sustaining relationships, increase access to unrestricted funds and grow your influence and impact? Golf is the sport of choice for business. Golfers represent a network of 25 million Americans. Statistics show having golf in your tool kit can be a game changer for your cause, your organization and for you! This session is designed especially for Executive Directors, Board Members, Fundraisers, Program Managers and those who want to strategically harness the power of golf. In this fun, lively presentation, you will learn unparalleled access to donors & influencers; secrets to level-up your executive development; applying mindset science – beyond the game and into your life; tips for hosting profitable golf events; and success stories from those new to the game.
Our Panelists:

  • Erica Dias, MBA, CMP SVP, American River Bank
  • John Dedo, Event Sales Manager/Fundraising & Tournaments, Topgolf – subject matter expert in creating innovative fundraising events
  • Michael Firpo, Director of Programs, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento – experience hosting successful tournament fundraisers
  • Tyra Jarvis, President, Kefi Coaching – using golf as a personal and professional networking and development tool

Words Matter: Achieving Goals Begin With the Power of Narrative 

Storytelling is the single most powerful business tool you possess.  A good story will engage an audience and inspire action.  However, the sky is the limit for organizations that embrace a culture of storytelling and narrative as a way to translate complex issues into a compelling case for support.  In the end, it is not about polished and perfect business plans, PowerPoints, or technology.  It’s about why you do what you do . . .  and why your business or new initiative matters. It’s about finding your story and learning to use it for good.

Craig Dresang is the CEO of Yolo Hospice, the first established hospice in the Sacramento Valley. Prior to moving to California to lead Yolo Hospice, Craig raised $13 million to build the State of Illinois’ first LEED® Gold certified hospice residence. Craig is a nonprofit leader, an artist and an author and has experienced the power of storytelling.

Introduction to Project Management

Whether its a grant award or self-funded initiative, nonprofits must manage their projects so they come in on or under-budget, fulfill their purpose, and have measurable outcomes. The Project Management field has processes and tools critical to successfully setting up and completing projects. Attend this workshop and leave with helpful tools and ideas for improving your organization’s performance on mission-critical programs.

Payson Hall, PMP® is a consulting project manager for Catalysis Group, Inc. in Sacramento.  Formally trained as a software engineer, today he coaches project managers, teaches project management skills, consults and performs project reviews on large Information Technology projects.  He has published over 100 project management articles, developed numerous project management and problem-solving classes, written a book on project sponsorship, and is sought after as a conference speaker who specializes in demystifying project management topics and communicating important ideas while entertaining audiences.

Engaging Millennials Through a Strengths-Based Approach

Culture wins. And a winning culture is one that values strengths-based development. In transformational, strengths-based workplaces, culture is borne of a shift from the old ways of managing people to the right ways of developing them.

Helen Yee, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, brings expertise in team building, event coordination, training and facilitation. Ms. Yee’s focus is to bring the strengths-based approach to teams, promoting lasting changes in their workplace culture.

Harnessing the Power of Volunteers: Boosting Capacity and Increasing Efficiency

 Are you tired of putting out fires?  Do you wish you could focus on the long-term health of your organization and make progress toward your social mission? Join Executive Director Trudy Harris in a discussion on how organizations can gain a greater return on volunteer investment using a nationally-recognized, research-based approach to volunteer engagement.  The Service Enterprise Initiative, exclusively offered by Team Giving for our region, provides training and coaching to creatively shift our approach to volunteer utilization to become more adaptable, sustainable, and better-resourced to accomplish our goals. Team Giving has partnered with over 100 nonprofits in our region to assist with volunteer recruitment and management.

A Model for Nonprofit Collaboration?

Well, what if …

  • We had a collective of nonprofits to coordinate efforts and confront each and every systemic challenge facing distressed communities with a systemic solution?
  • Small nonprofits had a shared umbrella for all back-office tasks so they could focus their time and resources on their mission?
  • A regional platform could consolidate fund development so funders could have a single point of contact and accountability?

Join Staci Anderson and Sara McClellan, PhD in a frank discussion of what goes into building a collaborative community in which to do your work. Get your questions answered!

CANNABIS: Is it a Potential Partner with Your Cause? 

In 2017, Nonprofit Quarterly estimated the legal marijuana industry could gross $20 billion in revenue by 2020. Companies want to support their communities. Are you interested in taking sponsorship dollars from the cannabis sector? Nonprofit fundraising expert and attorney Gayle Nelson noted, “In our opinion, there are far more questionable industries nonprofits take donations from and invest with. As people’s judgment of marijuana and the legal marijuana industry continues to transform, more and more nonprofits will be exploring potential donations and beating back the unease surrounding them.” Join this dynamic panel discussion to learn what the cannabis sector is thinking, why and how some nonprofits have partnered successfully with them.
Panelists include:

  • Kimberly Cargile, Executive Director, A Therapeutic Alternative
  • Michael Hicks, Owner, Yolo Family Farms
  • Christi Skibbins, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Yolo County

Cool Stuff


We all get stuck sometimes. Life is complicated, and the path to fulfillment is rarely clear. Investing in a personal coach is the fastest way to discover your purpose in life, achieve more of what’s important to you, and ditch the rest. Curious about how coaching can work for you? Get a taste with a free, mini session with Co-Active coach Christine Calvin. As a communications expert and Co-Active coach, Christine helps people identify and remove barriers to success so they can reach their goals faster. Through a focused process of inquiry and feedback, clients can find clarity in complex problems, choose better response options, and overcome self-imposed barriers while discovering new ways of thinking. Give it a try!


A great photo captures your personality, professionalizes your image, and helps welcome people into your mission-centric work. Thanks to photographer Eugene Langlois, we’re offering all conference attendees free individual and team headshots! Eugene describes himself as a photographer, adventurer, and a documenter of the human experience. Eugene is a professional photographer who travels the country documenting the lives of people regardless of scene or background. His range includes weddings, music videos, modeling, and commercials. Eugene is the definition of cool. Meet him at the 2019 What IF Conference


You work hard, and sometimes you maybe even stress out! We love what you do for our communities, and we want to help you relax. We are bringing back massage therapist Brian McClure, who will set up his chair in the Marketplace and offer free chair massages. And because we want everyone taken care of, we’ve invited massage therapist Jen Villafuente to double the fun! Take a break and let Brian or Jen help you get rid of some tension.


Find the fun at our digital photo booth! Grab colleagues and friends and come show us your personality.

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