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Join California nonprofits, world-renowned speakers, philanthropists, and passionate advocates for a full day of inspiration and discovery.  What IF is all about exploring what’s possible and being with people who care as much as you do. Impact Foundry, Northern California’s nonprofit resource center, is pleased to bring you our 5th annual What IF Conference. Learn more about Impact Foundry.

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Theme: Change, Challenge and Opportunity.

Keynote Speaker: Lynn Malzone Ierardi, author of Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success

This conference will bring participants together to learn how to tell their stories in a meaningful way that delivers the biggest benefit possible. Every nonprofit has an amazing story that can inspire change and compel people to act. It is critical for an organization’s success that these stories are told in the right way, to the right people, at the right time.

Keynote Speaker

Lynn Malzone Ierardi

Lynn Malzone Ierardi, J.D. has been in the estate and gift planning field for more than 30 years. She has served as Director of Gift Planning for the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) since 2005 and as an independent gift planning consultant (GiftPlanningAdvisor, founded in 2002). Prior to joining Penn, she held gift planning positions in health and higher education, served as Vice President with the Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy, and practiced estate planning and real estate law.

Lynn served as the 2019 Board Chair of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (CGP), is a member of the CGP Leadership Institute, and a regular faculty member for the Planned Giving Course. She has been a member of CGP since 1993. She is a past board member and past President of the New Jersey Council of Charitable Gift Planners and a current board member of the Planned Giving Council of Greater Philadelphia (PGCGP). As a dynamic and highly rated speaker, Lynn has presented at conferences and meetings internationally on a variety of gift-planning topics. Lynn is a graduate of Lycoming College and Fordham University School of Law, and is a Proud Penn Parent – times two!

Great stories engage donors and raise more money. Scientific evidence confirms good storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to engage stakeholders and influence behavior. Stories raise awareness, change behavior, and trigger generosity. Facts and logic are not nearly as persuasive as a good story. Stories penetrate our natural defense systems and become more compelling and memorable. As a result, great stories can be very powerful.

- Lynn Malzone Ierardi


Fostering a Sense of Abundance  

Featured speaker, What IF faculty member and dynamic Sacramento consultant Marisa De Salles will lead a panel discussion on how we imbue our fundraising and mission delivery with a sense of abundance. Marisa will be joined by leaders working in philanthropy and mission-critical areas of our nonprofit sector. Watch here for the panel lineup announcement.

Learn More About MarisaLearn More About Marisa


Storytelling: The Secret Sauce of Fundraising Success
Lynn Malzone-Ierardi, JD will headline Day 1 as our Keynote Speaker and on Day 2 will offer an exclusive workshop to further drill down on her storytelling expertise and tools from her book. Watch for information on how you can attend this special workshop event.
Presenter: Lynn Malzone-Ierardi, JD, Gift Planning Advisor

Telling Your Story to Influence Policy: Nonprofit Advocacy and State Legislation
Kevan Insko, executive director of The Friends Committee on Legislation of California (FCLCA), will share insights on how every nonprofit can leverage our State Capitol to advance your mission-centric work. FCLCA is a nonpartisan, statewide public interest lobby founded by Quakers in 1952. FCLCA advocates for California state laws that are just, compassionate, and respectful of the inherent worth of every person.
Presenter: Kevan Insko, FCLCA

Fuel Your People Power

Kelsey Neff, By Design Consulting, will discuss how you can evaluate your workplace culture and your impact. Ideal for anyone in a supervisory role or working within HR, this session walks you through a 3-step process toward creating a more harmonious and productive work environment for your team. After all, your organization thrives when your people thrive, and this workshop will leave you with the practical skills and the motivation to elevate your workplace culture.

Presenter: Kelsey Neff

Do Good, Better: How Community-Centric Fundraising is Upending Traditional Nonprofit Practices

Join Marisa DeSalles to explore strategies from the Community-Centric Fundraising movement that you can incorporate into your fundraising, hiring, and management practices, and learn about some surprising results other nonprofits are seeing. Come away with an actionable list you can begin putting into practice right away.

Presenter: Marisa DeSalles

Intro to Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence or cultural quotient (CQ) is having the capacity to relate and work effectively with diverse groups of people and across cultures (including Big-C “Culture” and little-c “culture”). Cultural intelligence goes beyond cultural awareness and political correctness. It articulates the core competencies and skill sets necessary for true diversity and inclusion within your organization. It provides tools to help develop your leaders and team members and give them a firm foundation in the understanding of CQ. This workshop will examine the various elements of cultural intelligence and how to operationalize it in an organization. This interactive session is presented by Jacques Whitfield, JD, Principal HR Consultant and Trainer at CPR HR Solutions and an esteemed member of the IF faculty.

Presenter: Jacques Whitfield, JD

Stand Out: Get Recognized for Your Impact

You are busy creating a positive impact in the world — not bragging about your efforts. You’re doing it for the right reasons, not for glory and recognition. But there is monetary and emotional value in recognition! Learn how to showcase your impact through your website, social media, and video efforts – as these are essential tools to help your organization meet and exceed fundraising goals. Get answers to:

  • How much time should I spend on my website or social media in order to maximize reach, engage your community and build loyalty
  • How do I easily create video elements?
  • Setting up a schedule of tasks for annual and impact reporting that tells the story of your work in the world through video, infographics, interactive web pages and social stories.

If you’d like Jess to use your website, social media, or video as an exemplar in this class, email [email protected] by October 10. Take advantage of this opportunity to build your skills, add to your fundraising toolkit and leverage the visibility of your organization’s excellent work.

Presenter: Jess Rhodes, CEO & Founder of JSR Strategies

Tell Your Story with Data

We’re lucky to have CPS HR Consulting headquartered in Sacramento and partnering with Impact Foundry. In today’s data-driven environment it is extremely difficult for people to present data in a way that inspires people to take action. Presenters who can tell a story that focuses people’s attention on the right data, the right outcomes, and the right emotions have a significant advantage. With a great story, you can get your point across, tap emotion, and drive action. Without one, you’re left with people who might like your data but won’t do anything with it.

Presenters: CPS HR Consulting

Healthy Teams Get More Done
You care about your mission, and with good reason! But your work will only be as effective as your team is healthy. Have you or your team experienced lack of trust, unhealthy conflict or avoidance of healthy conflict, commitment without follow through, ambiguity or confusion? Are there unproductive patterns going unaddressed? Let’s dive into principles and strategies to make your team healthy so that you get more done and have more fun in the process.
Presenter: Dan Haakenson, Haakenson Consulting

Building Resilience: Connection Matters!
Nonprofits have expressed the critical need to mitigate anxiety, stress, and trauma caused by the pandemic – especially for your clients, but also to build resilience for yourselves and your staff. This session will demonstrate how positive and dynamic support systems provide protective factors and optimize mental and behavioral health outcomes, both short-term and long-term. Participants will learn a durable common language and stronger connectedness that instills lasting resilience.
Presenters: Amy McDonald, SE Island School District in Thorne Bay, Alaska and David Pavish, Brightways Learning

How To Get Publicity for Your Nonprofit
Jane Einhorn – a powerhouse in the professional communications and PR field – will lead a discussion on how to effectively engage news media. This session is ideal for executive directors, Board chairs, development directors and others who represent their organization in public and seek media coverage of your work.
Presenter: Jane Einhorn

Back From the Brink: How to Beat Burnout and Increase Connection
Betsaida LeBron is a storyteller, an improvisor, and a comedian. She is also a member of Impact Foundry’s faculty and a master at creating brave spaces that foster inclusivity, collaboration, and fun. Let’s face it, many of us are feeling overwhelmed. At times, there are pressures on us from so many angles it can lead to mental and physical fatigue. But before you resign yourself to the seemingly inevitable burnout, join Betsaida for this interactive session. You will explore playful strategies for coping with and avoiding burnout and have a stress-busting laugh in the process.
Presenter: Betsaida LeBron, ImprovEQ

Increasing Agility in a Hybrid Workplace through a Strengths Lens
Helen Yee, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Impact Foundry board member brings years of experience in helping organizations maximize its potential through strengths. She is addressing the complexities and challenges of the changing hybrid work model that all nonprofits face. This workshop will help you identify the best roles and practices of your team to stay agile in this new post-pandemic world. Walk away with team activities for creating a more agile and productive workplace. Helen’s fast-paced strengths sessions always fills up!
Presenter: Helen Yee, Certified StrengthsFinder Consultant

Podcasting: Learn to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level

Jeff Holden of Multipoint Content Strategies is back by popular demand to introduce you to podcasting. His strategies and straightforward tools could make a difference in your community engagement and marketing.

Presenter: Jeff Holden

Human-Centered Design of Programs

Rod Githens is the endowed chair of the University of the Pacific’s Benerd College and a brilliant professor and consultant. Dr. Githens helps people and organizations serve their customers at levels they didn’t realize were possible. In this session, let him introduce you to Human-Centered Design thinking to bring your stakeholder needs into alignment with your services and capacity.

Presenter: Rod Githens

Women of Color Money Mindset: Womenomics

Financial storytelling involves bringing financial data together with individual financial goals to create a powerful narrative that will affect change. This session will dive deep into women’s financial history, our money mindset, and ‘Womenomics’ as it relates to financial security and building generational wealth, especially for women of color. Shayne is the founder of SWAG – Sacramento Women Achieving Greatness – and owner of Shayne Corriea Financial Group. Join her session to create your story and learn tools for mastering your financial future.

Presenter: Shayne Corriea-Fernandez, Northwestern Mutual

Embracing the Unknown: Lessons From Improv for an Unpredictable World

Things happen to us every day that we cannot plan for. Life is like an improv scene – full of uncertainty. Learning basic improv concepts can help you develop your own fearlessness and sense of play to boldly embrace the unknown. Want to be ready for anything that comes your way? Want to thrive in the face of uncertainty? Want to develop a process for learning and laughing throughout your work? Come join the fun with Betsaida LeBron, storyteller, improvisor, and comedian.

Presenter: Betsaida LeBron, ImprovEQ

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered

Attention executive directors and HR managers! Attend this workshop offered by Pepperdine University experts. They will demystify leave administration and vaccination requirements for nonprofits in California. You will have a greater understanding to inform your leadership for successful workforce re-entry and responsiveness given our pandemic realities.

Presenters: Taryn Ali, WineDirect, DTC Winery & Fulfillment Solutions
Alexandra Anderson, Placed Partners, LLC
Danyelle Grossman, California Faculty Association
Amber Timmons, Cook Children’s Healthcare System

Resilient Organizations: Coming Through COVID-19

The pandemic has had contrasting effects on nonprofit organizations. Regardless where your organization lies on the continuum, every nonprofit leader has an opportunity to use this unique moment to prepare for better times ahead. In this workshop we’ll review survey results about the impacts the COVID crisis has had on nonprofit organizations, their staffs and their senior executives. We will discuss how organizational leaders, funders and capacity-builders can respond to seize opportunities in this unique time.

Presenter: Scott Schaffer, Public Interest Management Group

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What IF the Podcast takes a deep dive into topics near and dear to the nonprofit sector with host, Marisa DeSalles interviewing speakers from the Impact Foundry’s What IF Conference. Each episode will explore how we can make meaningful change in the work of nonprofits by asking: What’s Now? What’s New? and What IF?


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